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11/09/14   Opening the site to All law schools  

We've reached an exciting day! We are now releasing the site to ALL LAW STUDENTS. Any student can register, then add their law school. Help spread the word!


11/08/14   New "Private" feature & Sections  

Now you can add Case Briefs that are private. To do this, check the "Private" box whenever you create or edit a Case Brief, and no other user will be able to see it. Everyone will still see that it exists, but they will not be able to access it. Once the semester is over, all the Case Briefs become publicly available--even if they were private during the semester. Of course, a "private" Case Brief does not get you any points.

Users can now also add Sections within each Outline. This will allow you to organize your Outlines better, and to take practice quizzes on specific Sections. Hope this helps!

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08/30/14   Expansion to University of Virginia  

I just added the University of Virginia to the list of law schools on Briefcat. Looking forward to Cavaliers registering and using Briefcat!


08/04/14   Working on a point system  

Hi all, today I began working on a point system to quantify and reward user participation. From now on, users get:
* 5 points for every new case brief
* 3 points for every new hypo
* 2 points for every new statute/rule
* 1 point for every new outline
* 1 point for every new discussion

In addition, you also get points:
* 3 points every time someone likes one of your posts
* 1 point every time you like someone's post
* 5 points every time someone copies one of your case briefs
* 2 points every time someone copies one of your statutes

Of course, these effects are negated when you undo them. Also, points will be deducted for any fake material uploaded.

I feel a competition with reward prizes coming on...

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07/01/14   Entering Beta Testing Mode  

Today, I'm opening the site to several brave beta testers.

Beta testers, your mission, should you choose to accept it, includes providing feedback on:
1) what features do you like?
2) what features do you like but think need to be improved?
3) what features do you not like or are useless?
4) what features would be nice to add?
5) is this something you'd use during the semester?
6) would a point system make the site more interesting? for example, users could get 5 points for each CaseBrief uploaded, 2 points for each "like" you receive, etc. There could be a score board with users with highest points.

In general, here are things to think about when you test the site:
1) don't judge the look of the site right now, just the functionality --> I know it can look better; right now I just want to see if the site is useful
2) make sure you at least create an Outline, and add several Case Briefs to it. Then, take several CaseBrief Quizzes to test out the Quiz feature
3) comment on stuff!
4) try to "break"stuff (making it do weird things)
5) test out as many features as you can.

My recommendation is to first try to do and figure out everything yourself. Then, if there's something you still don't understand, make note of it, and then check out the FAQ section (under About) to see if that answers your question. That way, you can tell me if things are intuitive or not.